Brittany Feryus, a 6th-grade math teacher at Page Middle School, was honored with the Tidewater Council of Teachers of Mathematics Educator of the Year Award on May 10th, recognizing her outstanding contributions to mathematics education. Known for her innovative teaching methods, Brittany fosters an environment where students actively engage in collaborative problem-solving and mathematical discourse. Her dedication is reflected in her students' achievements, with an impressive 93% passing rate on the Spring 2023 Math 6 SOL Assessment, including 100% of students with disabilities.

Beyond her classroom, Brittany is a proactive learner and leader. She actively seeks professional development opportunities, shares her expertise with colleagues, and leads initiatives to enhance mathematics education across her school and division. Brittany's commitment to student-centered learning is evident in her leadership of professional development sessions focused on building thinking classrooms and promoting inclusive practices.

As a teacher leader and role model, Brittany's influence extends far beyond her immediate surroundings. Her dedication to excellence in mathematics education has not only transformed her classroom but also inspired colleagues and students throughout the division. In honoring Brittany Feryus with this prestigious award, we celebrate her tireless dedication, innovative spirit, and profound impact on mathematics education in Gloucester County Public Schools.

Brittany Feryus Teacher of Mathematics awardBrittany Feryus