School Board Meeting Summary


Dear GCPS Teachers, Staff and Parents,

We wanted to provide you with a summary of the recent Gloucester County Public Schools board meeting held last night.

Firstly, the superintendent presented the FY25 budget, recommending a 3 percent raise for all employees, which includes one-step and a market adjustment. There were also requests to increase funding for instruction, restore the transportation and maintenance budgets to pre-pandemic levels, and allocate additional funding for safety and communication measures.

In compliance with the Virginia Literacy Act, the school board approved the adoption of updated literacy textbooks and materials as required by the Virginia Department of Education.

Furthermore, the school board approved the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school calendars, which are now available on BoardDocs and Escribe, the repository for school board meeting documents.

In efforts to enhance advanced math pathways, the school board approved two new math courses: Advanced Math 6 and Math 8/Algebra 1. These pathways offer students more in-depth math experiences as well as lateral advancement, starting as early as 5th grade.

For more detailed information and access to meeting documents, please visit the school board meeting page.

Thank you for your continued involvement in our school community.


Dr. Anthony Vladu