English Language Arts Textbook Adoption Community Input Desired

As part of the Virginia Literacy Act (VLA), all Virginia elementary schools are required to adopt a program from the VDOE-approved list by the 2024-2025 school year. GCPS has diligently worked to decide the best curriculum for our studentsA curriculum committee was formed, and this committee narrowed our selection down to two choices: HMH Into Reading and Benchmark Advance. 

 Below are two Padlets that the publishers have provided that will give you a wealth of information about each program. 

HMH Into Reading: HMH Padlet 

Benchmark Advance: Benchmark Advance Padlet 

As you review the Padlets, please take notes and reach out to our Adoption Committee leaders, Jenn Worrel or Dr. Amy Stamm with your recommendation. We look forward to hearing community input as we consider program adoptions for next school year.